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Published Date:
1 January, 1970
About Project

Civil and electromechanical detail engineering of deposit flammable liquids.

Civil and electromechanical basic engineering installations for pasta Corega production.

Civil and electromechanics detail engineering of alcohol tanks.

Civil and electromechanical engineering detail installations for toothpaste Corega production.

Detail engineering design exchangers to cool Hinds cream.

Area adaptation plan to GSK risk prevention standards.

Civil and electromechanical detail engineering of new deposit to store soft capsules with controlled temperature and humidity.

Detail engineering HVAC installation new deposit for soft gel.

Detail engineering installation tanks for stock medicinal Oils.

Survey of general plant services and adaptation to standards GES 308.

Detail engineering ETIQUET project.

Detail engineering RIBBONS MIXERS project.

Stability calculation for mobile tanks.

Civil engineering and design architecture staff services.

Civil engineering and design architecture porteries 1 – 2.

4,800 hours of engineering for project office support at GSK.

3,000 hours of site supervision for projects at the GSK plant.